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April 28, 2008
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Bigado Networks, Inc. owns and operates a network of websites which encompasses a myriad of different products and services. The mission of The Bigado Network is to allow its visitors to search for any information and/or purchase any type of product or service from the network of websites. Bigado Networks owns over 290 domains with plans to develop over 4000 independent web properties. Among the websites Bigado Networks owns now are Bigado.com, Biganet.com, TheInfoSource.com, BigaGift.com, Fashions-Source, BigaNation.com, Bigado.TV, WatchesAndJewels.com, AnyScent.com, EZ-Ticket.com, and BigaMall.com .

Sun Microsystems and Bigado Networks have established a partnership focused on delivering next generation eCommerce and eBusiness Integration (eBI) using Sun’s advanced server infrastructure and Bigado Networks’ leading edge eBI platform. Bigado Networks’ platform, built entirely in Java J2EE and operating on Oracle 10g, dramatically enables eBusiness Integration, business process automation, multi-level and cooperating online communities coupled with inter-connected eCommerce vendors.

Bigado Networks’ platform of patent-pending information transformation, correlation, and indexing algorithms enable all information in different formats to be correlated and made accessible from one point for searching, evaluation, and purchase. The eBI platform provides straight-through processing through one single aggregate shopping experience and provides high bandwidth and integration back to participating vendors for fulfillment. It provides a seamless bridge between communities and relevant commerce with intelligent and actionable commerce and electronic processing across the Internet. The combination of Sun Microsystems and Bigado Network transcends the current Internet eBusiness Integration and commerce into a next-generation intelligent and comprehensive community of vendors and communities.

Bigado Networks mission is to develop all the separate entites of The Bigado Network as a homogeneous network that will have an online community, unparrelled information and shopping product searches coupled with an online media presentation in Bigado.tv

In addition, we are developing the BigaDo Network under the trade name Biganet. This consists of 288 domains wholly owned and operated by Bigado Networks along with approximately 4000 affiliate websites. These proprietary websites which comprise the Network are being developed and enhanced daily. There is competition in this area with the likes of Yahoo, Google, MSN and many others. The uniqueness of our network is that most of its competitors have as their daughter sites simply subdirectories to the main site. Bigado has free standing independent websites as its offspring.

In January, 2005 Bigado Networks acquired the ownership and rights to the domain name Biganet.com for use with The Bigado Network. This is very significant in that in the world of domain naming it is always preferrable to have the shortest and most pertinent name available for your business or operation. Biganet.com is the domain name for the Bigado Network.

Bigado Networks, Inc. also supplies an online community which is being developed as a safe and secure Space. Currently an online community is available at BigaNation.com
The company is also developing the Bigado Commerce System platform software, powered by industry leading J2EE technology. This offers a powerful enterprise commerce solution that is easy to deploy on different Database Servers (MySQLServer, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and more) , Enterprise Application Server (JBoss, BEA WebLogic, Websphere etc), and web containers.

This system is based on an n-tier, scalable, secure and reliable architecture. The Commerce System will offer the following functions: register web sites, establish and managed products, catalogs, processing orders, setup and manage vendors, electronic integration processing, lookup products and catalogs, exception processing, lookup consumer profile and order history, etc. We are excited with the addition of this application and it's potential.

Visit the Bigado Blog - www.BigaBlog.com to find the latest news about The Bigado Network.

We may be reached by email at info@bigadonetwork.com or using our online Contact Us form.

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