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NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 07/28/08 -- InterVision Network Corporation (PINKSHEETS: IVSW) (see website www.intervisionnetwork.tv ) announced today that the company has established a Downtown Manhattan office at 160 Broadway. The company also revealed details about the forthcoming iStream Console, an Internet Protocol-enabling set-top box that delivers streaming multimedia content directly to the television screen and announced that a Letter of Intent has been signed with Bigado Networks, Inc. (www.bigadonet.com), to be a supplier of advertising content to the iStream Console.

"The establishment of Manhattan offices was the next logical step in the execution of our business plan," said Richard A. Luthmann, EVP for Corporate Development for IVNET. "In order to broker the large-scale content distribution deals that will propel the iStream Console, it is necessary to have a presence in a global media center."

IVNET, through its wholly-owned subsidiary InterVision Streaming Corporation (iStream), is preparing for production of the iStream Console, an Internet Protocol-enabling set-top box with a Universal Codec that delivers streaming multimedia content directly to the television screen. The iStream Console can be available within 90 days once full-scale production is begun. IVNET is currently in discussions with a number of content providers. Further development of the iStream Console will allow for USB ports, camera, video phone, Voice-Over IP, Blu-Ray disc player and Internet device -- offering the universal home media and communications solution.

iStream also supplies hardware to IVNET's third-party partners. These "white-label" consoles can be used as marketing and delivery systems as well as business solutions. The iStream Console as well as the white-label consoles provide significant network security features including: a server-side fire wall; a secure network; each network location has a secure address / signature IP; each piece of hardware has a Mac address -- allowing remote updates and shut-down through network; Digital Rights Management System (DRM); Pay-Per-view purchase cart; Shopping networks ability to order products and services and shop through box; and new software and middleware updates are flashed remotely through the network.

IVNET has also signed a non-binding letter of intent with Bigado Networks, Inc. to supply advertising content to the iStream Console. Bigado Networks, Inc. is an early stage company, whose unique Internet community, commerce and patent pending search and matching technology provide a dynamic interactive network. Bigado uses commerce and information portals for connecting businesses and consumers together, along with enabling interactive community and commerce activities.

Bigado's focus for rapidly launching and scaling affiliate vendors will change the way consumers and businesses will connect with other businesses, and more importantly, how search engines such as Google and Yahoo as well as national and international Internet directories such as BellSouth/AT&T, Verizon, RH Donnelly/Dex and YellowBook interact with their substantial client base. The dynamic social interaction features provide an environment for members to collaborate with one another on a number of topics, while engaged in informational and purchasing activities. With evolving content and discussions, members are drawn back to the portal for repeat visits and interactions.

Together, IVNET and Bigado are looking to take advantage of a timely opportunity in the Internet commerce and network arenas to combine these activities using advanced technology and by applying unique business and revenue models.


IVNET, the world leader in Internet Protocol broadcasting development and related technologies, is the world's first and only truly Global Online Broadcasting Network. IVNET also serves as a holding company of several wholly-owned subsidiaries and distribution arms within the IVNET family of companies including IVNET.tv, Intervision Streaming Corporation (iStream) and IVNET Consulting.

Founded in 2005 and publicly traded as of January 2008 as InterVision Network Corporation (PINKSHEETS: IVSW), IVNET develops original programming and distributes entertainment and business content for corporate partners.

Central to IVNET is the unparalleled content delivery network (CDN), several proprietary content delivery processes and related software and hardware. These CDN processes support live streaming services to several user mediums, including cell phones and computers, in high definition broadcast quality to any global location.

To meet the needs of our partners, IVNET operates as several interrelated divisions:

InterVision Network Corporation (IVNET) (www.intervisionnetwork.tv)

IVNET serves as the publicly-traded holding company (PINKSHEETS: IVSW) of several wholly-owned subsidiaries and distribution arms within the IVNET family of companies.

IVNET.TV (www.ivnet.tv)

IVNET.tv is the premier site for global content. IVNET.tv collects general interest media from around the world, supports user content submissions, and hosts original paid programming and advertisements. With 4.5 million unique users each month, IVNET.tv delivers an established and loyal customer base to our corporate partners.

InterVision Streaming Corporation (iStream) (www.istreamcorp.com)

iStream is the corporate division and brand name of IVNET's exclusive Content Delivery Network. Specifically designed to deliver high definition content without the limitations of typical online broadcasting, the iStream Universal Codec and CDN offers superior streaming capabilities for our partners' business, entertainment, and promotional needs to user computers, cell phones, and televisions. The forthcoming iStream Console will revolutionize multimedia delivery

IVNET Consulting (www.intervisionnetwork.tv/consulting)

With the accumulated network infrastructure, computer and broadcast engineering in-house to IVNET, the company offers consulting services through this business arm in order to allow its clients and partners to make full use of cutting edge IVNET solutions.

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